I’ve got dozens of reasons for not having posted this past month and a half…but I’m sure you don’t want to hear about me being sick in March with that horrible cold/sinus infection. And then I’m sure that you don’t want to hear about me having knee surgery last month, and sleeping for a week afterwards…

I have not knitted much since getting that sinus infection.

I lost the knitting mojo.



So now I am almost 3 weeks since the surgery, the first week having slept most of the week away, I am finally finding that it is more comfortable to sit with my leg up, then down from the ottoman for longer periods of time…thank goodness for physical therapy!!

I had purchased a bunch of yarn on my last trip to Knitting Etc. in Ithaca with my Mom, Michele & Dottie…we had such a great time together…so anyways, I bought some Cascade 220 in Mossy Rock (9429) (a lovely dark olive green) and winter white (8505), and am using a hat pattern that I found on Ravelry,  (great site for patterns and sharing information and pictures of your finished products) called Flora Hat.

Here’s a picture of the start of my new hat…

Flora Hat

When I finish it, I will post a picture of it displayed on my fake head…

Anywho, I am so glad to be back doing something useful since I’ve not been able to really do much with this bum knee of mine other than fix a quick meal, and do a few dishes…


My Mom gave me some wonderful yarn the other day, and as I was sitting here petting it…I love to pet yarn…I was trying to decide what to do with it. Socks? A scarf, a shawl???

I tried working with the yarn to make a pair of socks, but that wasn’t working out for this inexperienced knitter, so I rummaged through my patterns and found a pattern that I bought about a month ago to make a scarf / shawl.


I started it the other night. The yarn is Crystal Palace Mini Mochi and the pattern is Fiber Trends Versatile Scarves.

I love the feel of this yarn, and am so excited to see the end product…


Along with getting ready for the holidays…which BTW, I am so glad that they are over with, I’ll explain later…

I’ve been making hats, and more hats.

I made this hat for my sister Stacey:

Then I made this hat for Stacey’s Mother-In-Law:

And here is the hat that I finished this morning:

I kept myself busy because I’m so not really terribly fond of the Christmas Holidays. I used to be, but since my husband passed away, and since he was born on Christmas Day, and he would have turned 61 on this birthday…well, I just can’t seem to get into the holiday season anymore…I used to love it, but I miss having him here with me…

Not the “Cat” Lady…the Hat Lady.

I’ve finished another hat. This one is a floppy hat. Kind of cute, very red, and nice and warm (this I know because I wore it home from work this evening due to inclement weather).


See how floppy it is…


And now that I’ve finished this hat, which for some ungodly reason I promised myself I wouldn’t start any other projects until I finished this one…I’m going to flip through my new book that I found on which is 45 Fine & Fanciful Hats to Knit written by Anna Zilboorg. OMG, there are so many unique hats in this book. Some of them look like the tops of buildings in Russia. I’m not sure if anyone would want to wear these hats, but I’m thinking they will look absolutely marvelous on heads in my curio cabinets.

Anywho…off to choose a hat pattern…hope that Christmas shopping, cooking and all that other stuff that goes with the holiday doesn’t get in my way…

I have a callus on my finger!!  

I’m not sure if it’s because of the yarn, and the smaller needles…but I got me one heck of a callus on my index finger.

But the hat is coming along beautifully…and I can not wait to see what the finished product looks like.

Danish No Earflap Hat

Still haven’t decided if I’m going to leave the rolled brim, or if I’m going to fold and sew like the pattern says to do.

Oh and this hat is for me. I ain’t givin’ it away!!

The other day I talked about starting a new project; the Danish Earflap Hat from the Hats On! book that I got from Amazon. So anyways, I gotta tell you, I just love working this project. Okay, it was a little boring doing the 2 inches of hem stuff in one color.


But once I got to the fair isle part, I am loving how the pattern is coming along. So of course I had to take a snap shot and let youse all see how I’m doing with it.


I just love the colors so far, and I can’t wait to see the greens, blues, and oranges when I get to them on that skein of Noro Silk Garden.

Oh, and I decided to forego the earflaps on the hat. I think it will be gorgeous even without those flaps. Besides, who says ya need flaps anyway!!!

I’m not so fast at this knitting stuff, but I have accomplished a few more items since I completed the Simple Fair Isle Hat…

First is the hat that I made for my niece Maddie…she’s adorable, and she got a new winter coat, so she needed a new hat to go with it…


For the few seconds that she actually kept it on her head, she looked so dang purdy!! I used bits and pieces of different hat patterns to come up with this hat pattern, and I didn’t write it down…dang. I’m sure that my sister will force the cutie pie to wear her hat this winter…

Then I wanted to try “real” fair isle knitting, but not something really complicated, so I found a pattern for a ski band in Paton’s Big Chill pattern booklet. I’m thinking this should be for me when I go outdoors and snow blow the driveway!!


A closeup of the stitches…


I started a new project yesterday. I’m really into making hats because they don’t take like months to finish, and they are useful now that winter is approaching. I bought a book off of Amazon called Hats On! by Charlene Schurch. There are some really beautiful hats in this book! The one I’ve choosen to knit is the Danish Earflap Hat. I bought a skein of Nature Spun in Plumberry and instead of using 2 or three different yarn colors, I bought a skein of Noro Silk Garden 258 to do the fair isle portion of the pattern. I think it’s going to look absolutely fab! I’ve not decided if I’m going to do the earflaps yet, I may not…I have one more inch to knit before I make up my mind on that one…I’ll post pictures of the hat when I complete it!

Oh, and I’ve got to say…I’ve been using Addi Turbo circular needles to knit with…I think they make me a much better knitter, and I can knit so much faster than with other needles…I am so glad that I can afford them…

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