Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog!

I am a happy hooker who hooks on a daily basis. Been hooking for way over 30 years.

Hope that you find this space interesting, and that you drop by often!

The Old Hooker


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Usha Says:

    Hi there,

    just saw your blog and think that all the crochet pieces are absolutely great…just love the glorious colours…

    I love to crochet as well.

    Warm regards from Malaysia


  2. The Old Hooker Says:

    Thank you Usha!

    I hope you visit often!

  3. Mary Beth Says:

    I am so sorry to intrude on your blog, but I didn’t know how to contact you any other way. You came up on a google search of “NY Mets Afghan” and I wondered if you had a pattern for such a thing, and if so, wherever did you buy it? Thank you so much for any direction you can give me!

  4. The Old Hooker Says:

    Hi Mary Beth!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    No particular pattern for the Mets styled blanket that I’m making for my son. I’m just using Mets colors, and the 12″ square from the babette blanket pattern which can be purchased at http://shop.interweave.com/store/Babette-Blanket-P235C59.aspx

    I crocheted 3 rounds of a cream color, then 3 rounds of orange, then 3 rounds of navy blue. Then one round each of each color for 12 rounds on the square.

    I am using Red Heart Softee yarn for the blanket because there is no dye lot and I wasn’t sure how much yarn I would need to make the blanket.

    I’ll make 30 squares – 5 across, 6 down. Sew them together and then add a border of one round each color.

    Hope this helps!!

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