December 2008

Along with getting ready for the holidays…which BTW, I am so glad that they are over with, I’ll explain later…

I’ve been making hats, and more hats.

I made this hat for my sister Stacey:

Then I made this hat for Stacey’s Mother-In-Law:

And here is the hat that I finished this morning:

I kept myself busy because I’m so not really terribly fond of the Christmas Holidays. I used to be, but since my husband passed away, and since he was born on Christmas Day, and he would have turned 61 on this birthday…well, I just can’t seem to get into the holiday season anymore…I used to love it, but I miss having him here with me…


Not the “Cat” Lady…the Hat Lady.

I’ve finished another hat. This one is a floppy hat. Kind of cute, very red, and nice and warm (this I know because I wore it home from work this evening due to inclement weather).


See how floppy it is…


And now that I’ve finished this hat, which for some ungodly reason I promised myself I wouldn’t start any other projects until I finished this one…I’m going to flip through my new book that I found on which is 45 Fine & Fanciful Hats to Knit written by Anna Zilboorg. OMG, there are so many unique hats in this book. Some of them look like the tops of buildings in Russia. I’m not sure if anyone would want to wear these hats, but I’m thinking they will look absolutely marvelous on heads in my curio cabinets.

Anywho…off to choose a hat pattern…hope that Christmas shopping, cooking and all that other stuff that goes with the holiday doesn’t get in my way…

Holy smokes Batman!

I’ve finally finished the Danish (No) Earflap Hat. I love it!! And I can not believe that I actually made this hat!!

The crown of the hat is neat looking also!

I’m still in awe…I struggled for so many years to learn how to knit, and now I can actually say, that I am a knitter!!