Tonight is the last of the Presidential debates, and if I can stay up long enough, I will most likely knit on my hat while watching the debate.

I started this “simple” hat a couple of weeks ago and I have had to rip it out and start all over again. I’m getting used to reading knitting patterns and even though the title of the pattern has “simple” in it, it’s not been so damn simple for me.

The pattern that I’m using is Simple Fair Isle Hat which I had found over on Knitting Pure & Simple. I have the concept of knit and purl and I can join in the round, and, and, and I even know how to cable cast on (not bad for someone who’s only been knittin’ since July ‘eh?), but I could not get the concept of how the fair isle row should be done. I read that pattern, I followed that pattern, and my fair isle came out really freaking weird looking. And being the perfectionist that I am, I tore the hat apart, picking at the knots so that I didn’t have to cut the yarn, all this to find out that I just wasn’t reading the pattern correctly! Doh!!

So I started all over again, and before I got to the fair isle row, I called in the expert (my Mom) to teach me how to knit fair isle. Another huge DOH! for me. Fair isle is so simple, especially if you only have to do it in one row! Anywho, here’s a look see at my progress so far on the restarted project, which I’m hoping to get some more done on tonight while watching the debate, that is if I can manage to stay awake.

Oh, and I wanted to show you the hat I made for EZ E, my gorgeous little nephew. I put a nice orange stripe in it, so that it looks like his bucket is showing through. Isn’t it cute? Hope he loves it!!