I mean really…him’s Momma makes the poor little fella wear an orange plastic flower pot on his head.

So his great Auntie is makin’ him a new hat. One that takes the little fella back to his roots. And gets him ready to go huntin’ with Grandpa C. or hangin’ in the barn with Grandpa J.

I actually had to go shoppin’ for this yarn, cause I just don’t carry such sophisticated stuff in my stash. Well, I do have the pink kind…but anyways…

And lookie at that cable cast on…I just learned how to do that, compliments of my sister…

I wish I had made one of those snot collector hats like Great Grandma used to make for us when we was kids, but I can’t rip out what I’ve already acomplished!

I’ll have it all done for ya when ya git home E. I promise! And I promise that this hat will be slightly softer than that plastic thing your Momma makes ya wear.

Oh, and get a load of my new knittin’ bag…I love it! I can stuff a bunch of projects into it and drag it where ever I go! I betcha I could stuff EZ E into it and drag hims all over the floor and he’d laugh and laugh and laugh, makin’ hims Auntie one happy old lady!!

Bye EZ E…love ya babe, see ya when ya git home!! Ummmmmmm mwah!!