Oooooooo, we had a whopper of a storm tonight.

Nickel size hail, and I lost cable which means no internet for me!! I can live without the TV, but I am so lost without my internet connection.

With the storm rolling through, I sat and knitted on a new sock that I’m making. I got a skein of Berroco yarn with an absolutely gorgeous colorway. When I get into the main sock portion of the pattern I’ll take a picture so that you can see the fabulous yarn. Below is a picture from the Berroco web site of the yarn colorway. It’s Kent 1473.

I also picked up some new sock needles. They are shorter than any of the other needles I’ve used, and for this fingering weight yarn, it’s so much easier (for me anyway) if the needles are shorter. You can check them out here on the Lantern Moon Web site. They are a bit pricey, but so worth the $moola$ when working with thinner yarns.