It is so hot outside, and my fingers are like sausages, which means I’m not crocheting very much. Even though I have air conditioning, I can feel the humidity in my bones, and ouchie it hurts.

My sister’s and I are taking knitting lessons. We had our first lesson this past Monday, and I really should be working on my homework of the dishcloth that the teacher had us make. It’s so much easier and faster to crochet a dishcloth, but then again, I am so not comfortable with knitting needles.

The instructor gave us yarn to make a scarf and I started to knit one, but not with the yarn that she gave us because it is hard to work with…and I just don’t like the color of the yarn, nor do I like the needles that she gave us to work with. So, I came home that night, took out some Lion Brand Boucle that I had planned to knit a scarf with and below is a picture of the progress I’ve made thus far.

The dishcloth…well I pulled out what I had completed because I had made a mistake, and I wanted to do it all in the same stitch instead of all the different practice rows of the different stitches. I know, I know, I am so anal retentive, it’s one of the reasons that I’ve not learned knitting before because I’m such a perfectionist with my crocheting, and I can’t seem to get my tension right with knitting so I get frustrated.

I’ve also been working on a scarf for my niece Ally. She tossed this turquoise yarn at me and said “make me a scarf”. She had tried to teach herself to knit using this yarn, but gave up and wanted me to do it for her. The yarn is very hard to work with because you can’t see your stitches, but it is incredibly soft and the end result is beautiful. I’m not sure who makes the yarn as the wrapping on it was a mill end type packaging.

In addition to learning to knit, and working on the scarf with the yucky yarn, I’ve been working on a jigsaw puzzle…I love doing puzzles and this one is really wonderful to work on. I’ve been working on it off and on for the past week. I bought one of those puzzles stow and go’s things so that I could roll up the unfinished puzzle and stow it when I wasn’t working on it. Although it’s sitting in the middle of my dining room table, and everytime I walk past it, I stop and see if I can find a piece or two that will fit into place. The Stow n’ Go will help if I have to have the dining room table for company or whatever (like that’s going to happen…I’m a widow who doesn’t cook).

Anywho that’s what I’ve been up to. I’ve gotten some wonderful new yarn for fall projects…can’t wait until it cools down…I’m so not fond of warm weather!