July 2008

Oooooooo, we had a whopper of a storm tonight.

Nickel size hail, and I lost cable which means no internet for me!! I can live without the TV, but I am so lost without my internet connection.

With the storm rolling through, I sat and knitted on a new sock that I’m making. I got a skein of Berroco yarn with an absolutely gorgeous colorway. When I get into the main sock portion of the pattern I’ll take a picture so that you can see the fabulous yarn. Below is a picture from the Berroco web site of the yarn colorway. It’s Kent 1473.

I also picked up some new sock needles. They are shorter than any of the other needles I’ve used, and for this fingering weight yarn, it’s so much easier (for me anyway) if the needles are shorter. You can check them out here on the Lantern Moon Web site. They are a bit pricey, but so worth the $moola$ when working with thinner yarns.


Today, Dr. Randy Pausch, passed away at the age of 47 of complications from pancreatic cancer.

My heartfelt sympathy to Mrs. Pausch on the loss of her husband. Having lost my husband to a fatal heart attack 6 years ago, I know the journey for Mrs. Pausch has just begun, and there will be a roller coaster of emotions over the next months and years.

If you’ve never watched the last lecture, please do so. Dr. Pausch left a lasting legacy to both his 3 children and his wife.

Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

Quick update on the progress with the sock that I am knitting.

I’ve finished the heel (after having to pull out some of the work I had completed on Saturday and redo it again) and am now working the foot area which needs to be 6 ¼” from the picked up stitches at the heel.

Here’s a picture of my progress so far.

Psssssssssssst… I’m sorta gettin’ sick of this purple sock…I think I’m going to have to frame just the one sock instead of two…

So…I’ve finished another project!!

I made this scarf with Lion Brand Boucle’ yarn, and size 17 needles.

The one thing that I’ve found about knitting is that it takes much longer to complete a project. I get bored easily, so I’ve had to have several different projects started at the same time.

Now, back to that sock which I’ve had to start over and over again…


I’ve completed the ribbing on my sock, and started the heel this morning. I did have a problem understanding the knitting pattern directions, but I’ve found a web site that has videos of different stitches, and how they are executed. Thanks so much Knit Witch for making these videos available!!

Got my fingers crossed  that I don’t make anymore mistakes that would make me start all over again with this sock…

Damn, I made a mistake on my sock…and I had to rip it out…all 2 1/2 inches that I had done on the ribbing…

I need to figure out how pull out stitches and get to where the mistake is with out having to pull the whole thing out…

Bye, bye sock…it was fun while it lasted…

Last night I was up until 2 AM trying to get the hang of this knitting stuff. My Mom lent me a sock pattern book and told me to try the hiking socks first, because I could learn the technique with larger needles and worsted weight yarn.

Well after at least a dozen starts, (rip it, rip it, rip it), I think I’ve finally gotten the hang of how this works. So it only took me slightly less than 20 hours and 2 full length movies to knit approximately 1 inch of the ribbing with only 5 more inches before I start the heel of the sock.


I’m using Vanna’s Choice in Purple, and the pattern is the Hiking Socks from the Patons Pull Up Your Socks booklet.

Oh and I’ve been teaching myself the Stockinette Stitch. Below is my sample piece.

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