June 2008

I really need to pick up something else besides these fleece bankets…but they are so much fun to do.

Here is a picture of my latest creation. I love the fleece fabrics at Sy Fabrics which is where I picked this fabric up.

I went to JoAnn’s last weekend and picked up Toy Story and Tinkerbell fleece for my nephews and niece. Got those on the clearance rack.



I’ve gone and done it again, I made another receiving blanket with fleece; trimmed and holes punched with the Edgerydoo template…I’m sure that I will get my money’s worth out of this tool…it’s so easy to trim the fabric, punch the holes and then crochet a pretty border around.

Another example of my days work…

And another close up shot…

The pattern for the crocheted shell border is below:

Foundation Row: Start a with a single crochet in any hole on the blanket. Chain 2, *single crochet in next hole, chain 2*, repeat around blanket, slip stitch to first single crochet.

Row 1: Chain 1, single crochet in first single crochet stitch on foundation row, *chain 3, single crochet in next single crochet stitch*, repeat around blanket, slip stitch to first single crochet.

Row 2: *5 double crochet in chain 3 space, single crochet in next chain 3 space*, repeat around blanket. Slip stitch in bottom of first double crochet. Tie off and weave ends.

© 2008

I seem to be hooked on this edgerydoo thing. I went to Joann Fabrics this weekend, bought myself one of those quilting boards with the sharp cutter thingy…I love it, I can cut evenly through 4 layers of fabric. I need to get outside of my little crochet hole more often and learn about other craft stuff.

Below is a picture of the dinasour blanket that I just finished. People are going to have to start making babies, ’cause I’m on a roll with this stuff!!


I received my Edgerydoo in the mail a few weeks ago, and with the fleece that I purchased at Sy Fabrics. I’m making some receiving blankets for a couple who are expecting their first baby girl. Sy Fabrics has a great selection of fleece for every occasion.

For the trim around, I’m doing shells motif. I modified one of the patterns I found on the Edgerydoo web site doing shells because I’m a shells kinda gal. This blanket is for my brother’s girlfriend’s son’s baby daughter he and his girlfriend are expecting next month (whew, that was a mouthful).

Hope they like it…