May 2008

My niece is going to a prom next weekend, and she needs a shawl, so I thought I would make one for her, one that she doesn’t have to borrow from her Mom.

So, I went and bought Naturally Caron Country in the color Naturally (of course), and proceeded to try about a billion patterns. Not really, but I tried at least 6 or 7 different patterns until I finally settled on HGTV’s Crochted Shawl. The yarn is so soft, I really like working with it, and the pattern seems to be going very quickly.

I have to have the shawl completed for my niece by the end of this month, so the “heat is on”…I sure hope she likes it!

 If I don’t finish it in time, at least she will have it for the next formal that she attends…Sweetie, I apologize up front if I’m not able to finish it…


I haven’t posted much this month. One of the reasons is I have not been crocheting much at all as I’ve lost my concentration and even those simple dish rags are not holding my attention. And the reason I’ve lost my concentration…my cousin passed away earlier this month. We were the same age. We hung out together as children. At every family gathering she’d say to me “wanna go for a smoke?” (even though I don’t smoke) and then we’d have one-on-one conversations about what was going on in our lives.

I’m going to miss her. 😦

Or should I say manic rag maker?

I don’t know what has overcome me, but I have been on a mission to make as many dishrags as I can today. So far I have 11 dishrags completed. I have so many other projects to complete, but it’s been cool and rainy all day…a good one to sit in front of the TV watching movies and do mindless crocheting.

Back to spring cleaning tomorrow… <sigh>