Have you ever started a project and put it aside for like, a long time?

And then you forget what stitch you were using, and what size hook you were using?

I was rummaging again this morning, and found an afghan that I was making with some Lion Brand Homespun yarn. So I pulled it out, and tried to remember the stitch or stitches that I was using, I even tried 3 different hook sizes and couldn’t get it to look the same as what was already there.

So, I ripped out the 12 inches or so that I had already done, and I’ll start it again. This time I will have a record of the stitch (half double) and the hook size (Susan Bates aluminum L) right here on my blog, and I won’t have to smack myself upside the head trying to remember.

A picture of the project in the midst of being ripped apart…