I did not buy any yarn this week. Not one dang skein!!

And I was in a yarn store on Friday. Touching, feeling, drooling over the beautiful yarn.

I was looking for Koigu yarn and since I knew the yarn store on the Ave. didn’t have it, I stopped at the yarn store by the hospital. She only had the varigated shades, no solids which is what I am looking for. I really, really, REALLY want to make that Babette Blanket that I purchased the pattern for, and I want to do it with the yarn called out in the pattern. I “know” it will cost me approximately $320 to make, I know that there are other less expensive yarns that I could use. But I WANT to use the yarn called out in the pattern.

Anywho…the reason for this post…

I went to that store, and inquired about the Koigu yarn. The woman proceeded to tell me how expensive the yarn was, and was I sure that I could afford it? And had I considered using a less expensive yarn? And when I inquired about her ordering the amount that I needed, she proceeded to tell me that it would take around 13 months to get the yarn. I had mentioned to her that I knew that the price of the yarn was $15 per skein, I knew I could buy it on the internet, I knew how much the whole blanket would cost me, but if I could buy the yarn locally, I wanted to. But if she wasn’t willing to order it for me, then, “oh well” looks like an internet order was the way to go.

So, that’s why I didn’t buy any yarn this week…”that” lady ticked me off. Maybe she thought I couldn’t afford the yarn, which okay I really shouldn’t spend the money like that, but it’s tax refund time, and I like to spend a little something on myself at this time of the year…

Oh well…back to working on the projects I have going…the ones that I’m making with “cheap” yarn… 😉