March 2008

I did not buy any yarn this week. Not one dang skein!!

And I was in a yarn store on Friday. Touching, feeling, drooling over the beautiful yarn.

I was looking for Koigu yarn and since I knew the yarn store on the Ave. didn’t have it, I stopped at the yarn store by the hospital. She only had the varigated shades, no solids which is what I am looking for. I really, really, REALLY want to make that Babette Blanket that I purchased the pattern for, and I want to do it with the yarn called out in the pattern. I “know” it will cost me approximately $320 to make, I know that there are other less expensive yarns that I could use. But I WANT to use the yarn called out in the pattern.

Anywho…the reason for this post…

I went to that store, and inquired about the Koigu yarn. The woman proceeded to tell me how expensive the yarn was, and was I sure that I could afford it? And had I considered using a less expensive yarn? And when I inquired about her ordering the amount that I needed, she proceeded to tell me that it would take around 13 months to get the yarn. I had mentioned to her that I knew that the price of the yarn was $15 per skein, I knew I could buy it on the internet, I knew how much the whole blanket would cost me, but if I could buy the yarn locally, I wanted to. But if she wasn’t willing to order it for me, then, “oh well” looks like an internet order was the way to go.

So, that’s why I didn’t buy any yarn this week…”that” lady ticked me off. Maybe she thought I couldn’t afford the yarn, which okay I really shouldn’t spend the money like that, but it’s tax refund time, and I like to spend a little something on myself at this time of the year…

Oh well…back to working on the projects I have going…the ones that I’m making with “cheap” yarn… 😉


Below is a picture of my finished tote. I used denim buttons to attach the handles, and to crimp the sides in. I don’t have a crimp tool, and didn’t want to buy one because I didn’t think I’d ever use it again. I like the way the denim buttons look.


I’ve finished crocheting the tote, and felted it this morning. The following pictures are before and after felting. I’ll post the final picture of it when it’s completely dried.

Measurements before 14″ x 17″ x “6

Measurements after 8 1/2″ x 9 1/2″ x 4”





I swear it’s true.

I have started 4 different projects this week alone. I crochet on a project and then find something that peaks my curiosity and I inevitably start working that project.

I had found the Babette Blanket pattern and promptly started the squares. I need to just start then finish a project before starting the next…

<sigh> that won’t happen though…I’ve been doing this all my life, and they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks… 


Quick update…

I’ve finished another square… I really love putting the colors together. 🙂


Oui-Vey. Don’t ya just love this pattern?


I just bought the pattern online. Originally Published in Interweave Crochet, Spring 2006 this gorgeous blanket is now on my list of I just gotta make it projects.

Off to A.C. Moore to touch, feel and drool over all that beautiful yarn… I’m thinking, instead of wool yarn, that I will make it with Red Heart Soft Yarn. Has to be washable that’s for sure… and I priced out the Koigu Wool for this pattern, it would cost me over $320 to make. I gotta tell ya though…that wool would make one beautiful blanket… <sigh> someday maybe.

Since I finished the lapghan’s from hell, I have been able to work on other projects without feeling guilty that I should be working on the lapghans.

Below is a picture of the felted tote that I’m in the process of crocheting. I only have 26 more rows to go.  YEA!!


Do you know anyone else who would buy two copies of a pattern booklet?

I did. Just in case I lost one. Which by the way, just a couple of weeks ago I thought I had lost one of my booklets.

I love the patterns in the Leisure Arts Lullaby Layettes booklet. I’ve made countless layettes for family and friends from this booklet. Having two copies is my insurance in the event that I should lose the first booklet. The designs are timeless, and absolutely gorgeous when made up.

As a matter of fact, I just started another project. A baby ‘ghan in the block stitch pattern from this booklet.


P.S. I’m not so fond of this TLC baby yarn. Mostly because it splits a lot, and it goes from thin to thick. It’s harder to work with than Bernat Baby Yarn which is what I usually use for projects like this.


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